In pursuit of the uncommon


Find your own way!

Who we are:

Labyrinth is home to a couple working class stiffs who are just trying to be the best they can be. This is just a place to hang our pages. 

We do not espouse any sort of religious or philosophical views. You won't find guides to puzzles, mazes or labyrinths here. You won't find any peace, enlightenment or harmony perusing these pages. You might find a link or two worth checking out, or learn something about some of us.

If you are looking for something along these lines, I recommend trying out instead.

Why "Labyrinth"?

Why not?  If you look at the InterNIC registry, you will note that this domain was registered in 1995. We thought the name was cool and decided it would fit with who we were at the time. Since we all worked in the Industry at the time, it would have been easy to come up with any name and register it... after all, the Internet back then was a shadow of what it is today. I guess if we were going to blame someone, it would be my buddy Mike... he came up with the name, and it was his site originally.